If you've been a guest on one of our safari's we would love to hear your comments and feedback. Below are some comments from recent guests.

"The safari itself was AMAZING!  Karen (that's the friend of mine from the States who I went with) and I decided on our last day that we'll have to figure out some way to quit our careers and become a safari guide. I  just can't wait to come back and do it again!" - Valerie

"Thank you very much for all the help, the safari was great! I am more than pleased. If I ever return to South Africa, which I hope to, I hope you'll still be there to book me in for a more than pleasant safari!" Martin

"I'm writting you just to confirm that we had a great time in Kruger park, and also to congratulate your company on the service and workers. Our guide was Alfred, of whom we will guard a pleasing recollection. Thank you for everything and for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the captivations of your country." Monica

“It was simply amazing” – Juan Pablo Campana

“Everything was well organized” – Xavier Anhalzer

“All the places we have visited were great. The guides were excellent guides and people” – Franklin Tello

“We truly had a great time. I was very impressed with the organization of the entire tour, no problems what so ever” – Anne Leon

”Incredible. One of the best, most interesting and enjoyable experiences of my life. It was spectacular and I would love to come again” – Roberto Nickson

“Excellent Staff & Highly recommended” – Mirna Nickson

“The whole tour was a great experience for us” – Stephane Battaille (Belgium)

“A very authentic experience of a safari…” – Juliette Trivier (Belgium)

“The trip was seamless and we had a great time” – Rena Schamp (Canada)

“We hope to be able to take a trip like this again in the future” – Jason Schamp (Canada)

“We really enjoyed the safari in the Kruger so much” – Andreu Colell (Spain)

“It was wonderful, we had a great time” – Meritxell Bitrian (Spain)

"The safari was more than I had imagined on every level - wilder, more beautiful, and hotter! It just exceeded our expectations on so many levels. One of the many memories was the last night game drive, watching the lions with the smell of the bush all around us, and the approaching storm! That was very special and of course the beauty of seeing the game in the natural habitat at such close range was just something else! The food was amazing and in such abundance!" - Annie Lamour, Wilderness